Winners will be chosen on a competitive basis regardless of family financial basis. All Scholarship awards are determined by the Foundation at the sole discretion of its Board of Directors.

First time applicants must:

  • Be a continuous resident of the state of Oklahoma for the past six (6) years,
  • Be a graduate from an Oklahoma High School or have completed the Oklahoma High School requirements through Homeschool activities,
  • Be entering an accredited Oklahoma College, University or Technical school from the list on the application page on a full-time basis for the first time in the Fall of 2020 in pursuit of a 4 year undergraduate degree from the College or University or an appropriate degree from a Technical school such as Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology,
  • Have a minimum ACT score of 25 for those planning to attend a 4-year college or University,
  • Have a minimum ACT score of 17 for those planning to attend Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in Okmulgee,
  • Graduate students and less than full time students are NOT eligible for an award.

The funds for the awards granted will be distributed directly to the College, University or Technical School under the conditions provided during the application process. Only students who have been accepted to the College, University or Technical School will be awarded scholarships but applications will be accepted by the Foundation for consideration prior to acceptance.
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Please note: To be eligible for an award you must be an Oklahoma resident. Only students who attended an Oklahoma High School or were home schooled while living in Oklahoma will be considered residents by the Foundation.

Students Applying for Renewal:

Students who are current scholarship recipients may apply for a renewal of their scholarship from the Foundation for the upcoming academic year by sending an email to the Foundation at by May 31 stating they meet the renewal requirements.  Any Student applying for an additional scholarship may only apply if the student is:

  • is in good standing with the educational institution the student attends; and
  • has attended their school on a continuous, full-time basis since entering after High School; and
  • has earned at least a 3.00 grade point average on a 4.00 scale for the previous academic year; and
  • was a full-time student for the previous academic year; and
  • is on schedule to graduate with a degree within 60 (sixty) months of their original enrollment date; and
  • is still pursuing the major originally provided to the Foundation on their application or during the interview; and
  • will be a full time student in the upcoming school year.

Please put “Scholarship Renewal for ‘(your name)'” in the subject line of the email.  After receiving the renewal requests, each returning student eligible for a renewal of their award will receive an email from the Foundation providing the additional information required to complete the renewal process sometime during the month of June. It is the SOLE responsibility of the student to submit accurate and timely information and meet all deadlines for renewal. If a student does not email us prior to the deadline, their scholarship will not be eligible for renewal.

NOTE: If you are no longer pursuing the degree you provided to us during the process you will not be eligible for an award nor a renewal.  Failure to notify us of a change in major can result in the Foundation recouping funds provided after the major change.

Scholarship Awards can be up to $10,000 per academic year but the actual amount of the award will be determined by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. A Scholarship recipient may only be awarded an additional scholarship four (4) times.