The Process

After the application period has closed for the year, the information will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and each applicant will be notified during the summer as to whether you are a finalist for an award. Finalist will be required to provide additional information including a more in depth 500 word count essay, a letter of recommendation, and a transcript. In addition they will be required to conduct an in-person interview with the Board of Directors. Each finalist will receive an email with instructions for completing the process.

Note: If you are not willing to complete the entire process do not apply.

After all finalists have been interviewed, the Board of Directors will determine award recipients for the upcoming school year.  All finalists will be notified of their status soon after the completion of the interviews.  More information about the final selection process will be provided during the interview.

Important Information

It is very important to understand the criteria the board will use for this selection process. The student’s GPA, ACT and/or SAT test scores and their expected major area of study are very important. We look at these awards as an investment in our recipients and the future of Oklahoma.

The expectation of our ultimate award winners is that they will graduate with an undergraduate degree within 5 years of entering the school they enrolled in as a first time award winner from that school.  Additionally, they will have completed the degree in the major area of study provided to the board during this application process.

The academic record each applicant provides is taken as an indicator of whether we feel they can achieve these expectations.  Please do not complete an application if you cannot meet this minimum requirement.

ACT scores of less than 25 will not be considered for those students attending a 4 year college or university

The minimum ACT score for OSUIT applicants is 17.

The application form will provide you with an opportunity to share with the board a brief narrative on you, why you would be a good investment for this foundation and how you fit the characteristics of this Foundation.

Please keep in mind there may be in excess of 1,000 applicants so this is your opportunity to provide more insight into you and your character and achievements to help you standout from the other applicants as someone who holds the qualities of the foundation and can represent those qualities in the future so please use it wisely.

We are interested in your work history, academic achievement, what you have done to indicate that you are a responsible person, and how deep your ties to Oklahoma are in ultimately determining the fit for the Foundation in making the decision to provide you with an award.  Our interest is in you so please make sure you give us insight into you and your character.  We assume that every student applying for a scholarship award needs money so please do not spend time restating the obvious in your narrative.

Some of the majors we do not accept are the arts, business, criminal justice, journalism, music, political science, pre-law, psychology, religious studies, sociology, or social sciences, as these fields are not our focus.


Only four year degree granting programs or certain Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) programs are eligible for scholarship awards. Make sure to include the entrance exam score you provided or will be providing on the application to the school of your choice.

Please note the qualifications required for all applicants other than OSUIT applicants require a minimum ACT score of 25.  The minimum ACT score for OSUIT applicants is 17. 

Applicants with ACT scores below the minimum will be considered as an incomplete application and will not be considered.  OSUIT students can contact us via email inquiring about eligible programs.

Please note

To be eligible for an initial award you must be an Oklahoma resident for the past 6 years minimum, and entering and attending an Oklahoma college, university or technical school for the first time in the fall semester of 2024 from the list in the application form.  Only students who attended an Oklahoma High School or were homeschooled while living in Oklahoma will be considered qualified residents by the Foundation. If you are not a graduating high school student in 2024 or a homeschooled student completing the high school requirements in 2024 you will not be considered for an award.

First time?

Apply by completing the application form here.

Please complete the correct application form depending on the school you will be attending.

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Returning students

Students to whom a scholarship or grant was previously awarded may apply for renewal for a scholarship from the Foundation for a subsequent academic year if they meet the renewal requirements.  If you are an award recipient in good standing and still pursuing your degree, you can renew by sending an email stating your request for a renewal to the email address provided in your original Student Information Document or you can simply click here.

Please send us an email

by May 31, and inform us that you are applying for renewal for the upcoming school year and you meet the requirements for renewal. You can find more information on the Requirements page about the renewal process.

Our awards are not based upon family income levels but are determined by who we feel will best represent the values of the Foundation and meet our mission as a contributor to the state of Oklahoma in the future.